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Smart Form-Fitted Elevator Technologies

Elevator maintenance and service you can trust from the highest quality source.

Working with you on your installation, service or maintenance is our highest priority. Here at Teagle Elevator meeting the needs of our customers and providing outstanding craftsmanship is our goal. 


In 2010 we found ourselves constructing, installing, and servicing custom high end elevators in the treasure coast, palm beach and broward county. It quickly grew to become our passion and it has driven us to start Teagle Elevator. Now we have been introducing an assortment of private lifts for over 13 years. We convey advantageous, complex, and modern hand craft answers for your new or existing elevators, which will offer you ideal availability to all levels of your home or business. We have got some new team members on board with extensive manufacturing experience and installation expertise. We install a superb product, and we are eager to upraise your future. 



Residential Elevators

Elevate your home living experience with Teagle Elevator’s Residential Elevators and Home Lifts. Our cutting-edge vertical mobility solutions redefine convenience, blending seamlessly with the aesthetics of your residence. Teagle Elevator specializes in crafting tailored elevator designs, ensuring a minimal footprint within your home while prioritizing safety and silent operation. 

Discover the key features of our Residential Elevators, including smart home integration for enhanced accessibility. Our elevators elevate your lifestyle and add significant value to your property. With Teagle Elevator, you benefit from decades of industry expertise, customization options, and a commitment to reliability. Transform your home into a haven of luxury—contact Teagle Elevator today to explore our sophisticated Residential Elevator and Home Lift solutions. Elevate your living with Teagle Elevator. Call us today.

Check Out our  Smart Elevator Kits

Commercial Elevators

We know elevators have many moving parts. Maintenance plays a big part in your elevators operation. Service, repairs, adjustments and updating is something we are happy to provide.

Elevator Service

Repairs for your elevator is possibly the most important part of the project. We take steps early on to ensure you have a beautiful and smooth running elevator.


We Build custom Elevators

Florida USA Made Kits Available

Smart Elevators…. ITS time to turn your Elevator in to a “Smart Elevator”!

Floridas finest Elevators



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